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Smooth your skin like spun sugar with Cotton Candi Body Sugar Scrubr! Our delightfully fragranced whipped sugar scrub will leave you feeling fresh and smelling sweet like a freshly spun cotton candy treat. Get ready to get your skin cottoney-cozy! 


  1. 11.0% Babassu oil.
  2. 4.0% Cocoa butter.
  3. 52.0% Shea butter
  4. 1.0% Tocopherol.
  5.  essential oil
  6. granulated sugar
  7. whipped soap

 How To Use:

Place a small amount on palms and rub on the area intended with warm water. Our Sugar scrub  is made to nourish and hydrate the skin, pulling dead skin away leaving your skin soft & smooth with a cotton Candi smell to last.

Cotton Candi Sugar Scrub

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