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Image by Katrin Hauf


V-steaming is magical and powerful, but it is not a miracle cure/ It can aggravate some conditions and especially If there is a long-standing imbalance.


It’s important to know when to steam and when not to. Working with a qualified v-steam facilitator will ensure it is done safely and effectively. 

Image by Nia Ramirez


  • One of the biggest contraindications for v~steaming is an IUD. Vaginal steaming is not recommended if a woman is using an IUD.

  • Vaginal steaming is not to be done during menstruation. Steaming while bleeding can be dangerous because the steam speeds up the blood flow and can cause heavy bleeding. 

  • Steaming while pregnant can be dangerous because the steam relaxes and opens the cervix, which could result in miscarriage or early labor. 

  • For anyone that is wanting to conceive, they can steam after their period up until the point of ovulation, and then they should stop. 

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